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Comprehensive psychiatric evaluations:

Initial psychiatric evaluations typically address the primary psychiatric complaints or symptoms that the patient presents during their first visit to the psychiatrist. During the initial meeting with Dr. Malaty, a detailed psychiatric history and medical history are obtained. A social history and a family history are gathered, which may also be self-reported and entered by the patient prior to their initial evaluation on the patient’s website portal. Additionally, a comprehensive screening for common psychiatric conditions is performed during the initial evaluation to aid in diagnosing the patient.

Following the assessment, the diagnosis and treatment plan are discussed with the patient. There are often several evidence-based treatment options, and the patient is educated on each one and encouraged to ask questions. This approach helps the patient make an informed decision about their treatment, leading to a more appropriate choice based on their understanding and preferences.

Medication management and psychopharmacology consultations:

Established patients schedule follow-up appointments to discuss their progress, medication effects, or side effects. Depending on any updates in the scientific literature and practice guidelines, alternative treatment options are also discussed. During these appointments, psychiatric, medical, and health education are offered, and medication refills are provided as needed.

Women's Mental Health

Dr. Malaty has interest in treating women’s mental health such as postpartum, antepartum depression and bipolar disorder, premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) and perimenopausal psychiatric symptoms.

Concierge psychiatric services (Elective and available upon request):

Dr. Malaty offers concierge psychiatric services at World Class Psychiatry of Santa Barbara for an additional yearly, one time membership fee. Patients can inquire about the membership or elect to sign up for it by emailing our office at [email protected]

The concierge service entails:

  • •Access to the physician outside business hours through secured messaging and receiving a response within 24 hours.
    •Access to medication inquiries and changes outside a scheduled appointment, if appropriate.
  • • During times when there is a shortage of any type of medications, enrolled patients will receive prompt office assistance. This assistance includes locating pharmacies that carry the required medication and resending their prescriptions. For certain controlled medications, additional physician time is needed outside of appointments to resend them electronically. In such cases, the physician will resend these prescriptions electronically and track them until they reach the patient. A chart documentation will be created to ensure proper record-keeping.
  • • Same day or next day appointments, when requested, through Telehealth or office visits.
  • • Supervision of care received in hospitals if patients are admitted.

Psychotherapy and individual counseling:

There are different models of psychotherapy that
can be implemented during the patient’s visit with Dr. Malaty. Depending on each presenting condition, each psychotherapy model is  customized and offered.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a model that is commonly offered. Other examples of
psychotherapy models that Dr. Malaty offers as part of his treatment are:

• Solution-focused therapy
• Insight oriented therapy
• Interpersonal therapy
• Personal skills
• Grief work
• Crisis intervention
• Motivational enhancement psychotherapy
• Trauma- based therapy

Multidisciplinary approach for patient's care:

Dr. Malaty treats the patient, recognizing the strong connection between the body and mind. Psychosomatic medicine is a well-established subspecialty of Psychiatry, emphasizing the importance of understanding and knowledge of the patient’s different medical conditions, whether diagnosed or requiring screening. This understanding is crucial as it can significantly impact psychiatric diagnosis and treatment

Collaboration with other physicians from various specialties, including primary care physicians involved in the patient’s care, is often necessary to ensure the patient’s recovery. Obtaining and reviewing medical records of recent doctor’s visits or hospital stays is a common practice in this process. All relevant medical information is documented and added to the patient’s psychiatric charts, facilitating a comprehensive approach to their psychiatric care.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) of local organizations:

Dr. Malaty accepts referrals from local organizations’ Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) for the management of their employees or their family members who are in need of psychiatric assessment and intervention. This service aims to enable the employees to regain functionality and resume work with a healthy mind and well-being.

Dr. Malaty has been offering this service for several years in Santa Barbara, and it has been a gratifying work experience.

“A compassionate approach along with a good understanding of the patient’s tasks at their job, their work dynamics, current limitations, identifying pre-existing and existing medical and psychiatric conditions, has helped me succeed in customizing a treatment plan for each individual employee to help them regain functionality or find solutions”.

– Adham Malaty, MD

Student Health Services

Santa Barbara is well-known for its university and colleges such as
UCSB, SBCC and Westmont college and other educational institutes.
Dr. Malaty is committed and takes pride in providing psychiatric care to students, faculty, and school employees in a timely manner. Confidential collaboration with the school psychologist, social workers, and student health services is often necessary to ensure that the student’s needs are accommodated. This collaborative approach helps the students succeed in their treatment and reach their full potential in their education.

Suboxone maintenance:

Follow up appointments for Suboxone (Buprenorphine) maintenance prescriptions along with counseling and monitoring.

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